Sometimes i just put pen to paper, and let my mind wander. I find it spills out words.

Normally i edit, arrange, and re-edit what comes along and sometimes use the fragments when they fit in perfectly with other pieces.

So, this is just a glimpse into my own personal Chaos


Fragment 1

Come whisper sweet words
that might soothe my mind,
even if they fade in the light of day,

Fragment 2

And the words you spoke,
like faery gold turns to dust
Rotting hearts , softening stones

Fragment 3

And our lust will wane; numb
Because I found things,
Which I wish had remained lost

Fragment 4

And you will mould yourself
Into the image of your desires,
Only to realise ;
you never knew what you Wanted in the first place

One comment on “Fragments

  1. […] of the entries as i have mentioned before, are fragments which i write at random, and use where i see […]

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