And something deeper occured here

So I smiled wickedly in your direction, and you knew exactly my intention,

We snuck away, without sight or sound, the moonlight covering the grassy ground

There we stood in the starlit grove, promises made, and secrets told

I slid to the ground, and you sat not too far

And I whispered in your ear, and you grew closer, and the twilight grew

And you shed your shoes; the dark green grass tickled your soles,

And the dew danced as it mimicked a fall from grace

Our backs touched the bark of the aged tree, scratching it gently

Your hand lay close, its fingertips tracing circles on my skin

And all I could hear were your thoughts, uttering nothing but “when do we begin”

I teased and I taunted, but I knew you wouldn’t be daunted

And even though the night was early spring, the memory of winter hung fresh in the air

But we cared not, for all we desired was there

So we whispered our secrets and kept nothing from one another, and then we begun

Intertwining and locked limbs, arms wrapped and senses dimmed,

Smell heightened and thoughts grim with fear of morning

And we were spent; we collapsed together, in beautiful, frenzied disarray,

The heat rising in a lustful haze; aftermath

And before we part, I’ll have whispered sweet words into your ears

You’ll promise to meet me soon, this time in the midsummer sun,

 and you say you’ll stay until twilights done

And you’ll give me your word, which I smile at, because I know you won’t keep,

And we’ll part ways; never again to meet


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